Dissecting the Raw Water Craze

raw water

Raw water has been taking the country by storm, and not everyone is sure why. The trend has been most popular in the Silicon Valley area, but it has supporters throughout the nation. The major questions arising from this raw water movement are what exactly is it, how safe is it, and are there any actual benefits? Let’s take a look.

What Is It?

Raw water is unprocessed water that comes straight from the source. Most raw water companies get their water from springs, which do tend to be cleaner than most other water sources, but which still contain plenty of unrecommended ingredients. It is the latest development in a movement that aims to create a healthier lifestyle that depends less on government-added chemicals to food and beverage.

Is It Safe?

The short answer is: no. While raw water may avoid the treatment system that its customers seem to distrust, that also means there are much more potentially dangerous ingredients floating through the H2O. Even the purest springs contain life-threatening bacteria and the risk of pesticides. There is also the risk of human and animal waste finding its way to a raw water source, making it a dangerous experience for all who partake.

Are There Benefits?

As we stated earlier, the major motivation for going raw is getting rid of additives like flouride that can be found in faucet water. There are also low amounts of medications, shampoo, and other items that can be found in our faucets. However, none of these should be the deciding factor in switching to such a risky alternative. Fluoride has long faced a bad reputation, but actually helps prevent tooth decay. Most people would agree that having shampoo and drugs in drinking water is a horrible situation, but studies have shown that the amount present is so small that it makes no impact on the human body.

Drink Safely the Water Way!

For those who don’t trust the faucet but don’t want to drink directly from a contaminated source, Water Way provides the perfect solution! We deliver high-quality treated spring water to our clients, making it more convenient than ever to stay healthy while staying hydrated. Not only do we sell various sizes of water containers, we also sell filters for those seeking a cleaner faucet experience. Contact us today for more information.