Dealing with an Aging Infrastructure

aging infrastructure

The infrastructure of the United States is a massive display of our nation’s ability to provide answers to the needs of its citizens, but recent years have shown the presence of flaws with the current system. As our water infrastructure continues to age, more problems will occur and solutions will become a more urgent need. But how exactly can we repair such a large issue? Well, it won’t be easy but solutions can be created – and they need to happen sooner than later!

The Issue

Initial infrastructure projects were built to address immediate issues, but like all things, they have withered with age. Most infrastructure projects tend to focus on expanding – not rehabilitating. While both are necessary, the cost of fixing our crumbling water infrastructure is only going to grow with time while also creating potential health concerns. With over 200,000 water main breaks a year costing over 2.5 billion dollars, the time to fix our system is now.

Another major concern is that the lead pipes that were used are incredibly dangerous for our bodies. While the federal government has taken great steps at reducing the amount of pollutants in bodies of water used for drinking water, the pipes themselves remain an issue that will take time to fix.

The Solution

Unfortunately, there isn’t an easy fix to this national concern. With an increasing population and infrastructure, the ability to upgrade systems across the country seems almost impossible. There are new technologies and ideas that could make the progress easier, and public outcry over unacceptable drinking water has accelerated the call for a more immediate solution. The best thing we can do now is stay aware of the situation, let our leaders know we’re concerned, and continue to practice safe drinking habits! There are also a few simple ways to ensure that your personal drinking water is safe.

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