Water Way has been classified under COVID-19 guidelines as an essential service provider and is continuing to deliver water and other products to our customers. It is our highest priority to deliver a safe product in a safe manner to our valued customers. We are strictly following ‘social distancing’ guidelines and our already rigorous procedures regarding quality control and providing safe drinking products and sanitized equipment. Water Way has had no instances with employees of COVID-19 symptoms and we are working extra hard to keep that the case.

Where possible we are asking customers to leave their empty bottles outside on their route day. We are also suggesting, out of an abundance of caution, that you wipe the neck of the bottle and the handle prior to putting it on the cooler. Also, for the safety of our customers we are asking them to not refill already used containers from the water cooler spigots, to avoid the possible transmission of germs. The water is safe and the bottles are highly sanitized prior to delivery.

This is also a good time to increase your delivery amounts for emergency situations as our delivery volume is very high. Please contact us to let us know of increased water needs. If you have any questions regarding service during the COVID-19 pandemic please call our office at 800-239-4032. We value the relationship we have with our customers and strive to continue to provide the top-quality service you have come to expect.

Thank you.