When It Comes to Water, Always Choose Quality!

water quality

Water quality has been a hot topic lately. With national disasters and ominous infrastructure reports, more people than ever have been actively ensuring that their personal water is as clean as possible. But not everyone has joined in on this clean-water craze. We believe that “better safe than sorry” is always a good rule to follow, but especially when it comes to water. Read on to find out why this is so important.

Why It Matters

Besides keeping our bodies going, water is also important for keeping us clean, washing our clothes, and cooking. Water literally affects every part of our lives. With recent news reports discussing contaminated water, it is more important than ever for us to act while the discussion is front and center.

Why We Should Be Concerned

Nearly all drinking water (85%) in the United States is contaminated with unpleasant minerals. This is an incredibly large amount of potentially dangerous materials that we are allowing into our body! Rusting water pipes should be a major concern for anyone with old pipes in their home. For example, the lead water crisis in Flint has many concerned about brain damage, especially to children. There is no such thing as too much caution when it comes to safety for you and your family, and water is one of the easier, but most common, problems to fix.

Finding a Solution

There are two main solutions for contaminated water: filters and packaged water. Either one will help avoid much of the unpleasant “extras” found in faucet water. Filters have been growing in popularity lately, and for good reason! They offer a quick method of cleaning your drinking water, and can even by applied to bathtubs and other places throughout the house. Bottled water is also great for having around the house, as well as vacations and family outings. The combination of both guarantees a safer water experience for the whole family.

Water Way Delivers High-Quality Water

You may be wondering why we care so much about water. Well, it’s what we do! We don’t just deliver water to our clients, we ensure that it is top-quality. We understand that having clean water around at all times, whether at work or at home, is important for keeping a safe environment — and we work hard to exceed all expectations. Learn more about us, our products (including water filter systems), and our work ethic on our website. As always, don’t hesitate to contact us for more information!