Cold vs. Room Temperature: What’s the Ideal Way to Hydrate?


Water is your body’s favorite drink; bottled or sparkling, warm or cold—your body can’t seem to get enough of it! But did you know that the temperature of your water can actually benefit your body in different ways? The temperature of your water can affect digestion, circulation, and may even contribute to headaches. It’s important to remember that water is water, no matter the temp. However, here are the drawbacks and benefits of drinking cold and room temperature water.

Drinking Warm Water Makes You Less Thirsty

Grabbing that lukewarm bottle in your car after a run may not be the best choice! If you’re trying to stay hydrated, drinking warm water can actually decrease your thirst, and make you thirst less. This can especially be dangerous on hot days when your body is losing water through sweat. 

Cold Water is a Great After-Workout Choice

Feeling hot and sweaty? Try rehydrating with cold water! Sure, any temperature of water will hydrate you just as good, but cold water is especially cooling when you are overheated. Maybe opt for an icy water for your next post-run. 

Room Temperature Water is Great for Digestion

As well as hydration, water is a great aid in digestion. Following a meal, it’s best to drink room temperature water to prevent the solidifying of fats. Otherwise, drinking cold water can congeal the fat from your meal, and slow down your digestive system—making you feel sluggish.

Cold Water May Be Giving You Headaches

Just as dehydration can cause headaches, the wrong kind of hydration may be contributing to your chronic pains. Cold water constricts blood vessels, which may make you more at risk for getting a migraine. 

Room Temperature Water Can Keep You Regular

Warm water is great at improving circulation and relaxing muscles; this is good news for your digestive tract! If you’re feeling uncomfortable, try drinking a glass of room temperature water to relax the stomach muscles.

Cold Water Can Clog Your Sinuses

Stuffed up? Your water temperature may be to blame. Studies show that cold water can thicken your sinuses and make mucus harder to pass. Since blowing your nose dries it out, it’s wise to opt for a warmer water that will loosen things up again!

Room Temperature Water Can Boost Metabolism

Since drinking warm water increases your body’s temperature, this can aid in boosting your metabolism! Next time you’re trying to lose those extra pounds, why not reach for a glass of room temperature water? And add a lemon for some zest!
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