Chasing Alabama’s Waterfalls

Alabama waterfalls

When TLC sang about not chasing waterfalls, we have to believe they weren’t talking about the marvelous beauties in the Yellowhammer state. Whether you’re exploring Alabama’s highest point or taking the day away from the Magic City, there is always a waterfall close by! Keep reading to learn some of our favorite waterfalls in Alabama.

Peavine Falls

Nestled in Oak Mountain State Park, one of Birmingham residents’ favorite getaway spots, Peavine Falls is a great day trip from the Magic City. There are many different trails leading to this spectacular waterfall, so pick your distance and difficulty and get to hiking! Don’t worry about getting sweaty, because there’s a spot beneath the falls that provides a chance to cool down.

DeSoto Falls

There are plenty of reasons to visit this wonderful waterfall, with the first being the fall itself! This is one of the state’s tallest waterfalls, and it happens to be right above a beautiful gorge. After you’ve seen the waterfall, there is still an entire state park to explore, complete with fishing, kayaking, and many more adventures.

Little River Falls

By far one of the most family-friendly trips, this waterfall is easy to reach with plenty of room to lounge around once you get there. Come for the view, stay for the nice swimming spot and a relaxing lunch with the family!

Noccalula Falls

In addition to a beautiful waterfall display, these falls are also surrounded by years of interesting history. The fall itself is the center of an old Cherokee legend, which is displayed by a statue of a Native American girl. You can also walk behind the falls and explore local caves, which have carvings written by Civil War soldiers inside!

Cheaha Falls

The Cheaha region is best known for having the tallest point in Alabama, but it also has one of the state’s most scenic waterfalls. A short walk from the Talladega Scenic Byway makes for an easy trip to this beautiful site!

Water Way Loves Alabama!

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