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Category: Water Delivery for Your Office

Bulk Water Deliveries Are Easy With Water Way

Many businesses and homes rely on clean drinking water to get through the day. At Water Way, a big part of our business is bulk water delivery to homes and offices quickly and efficiently––you can typically expect a delivery in less than 24 hours. We understand that you rely on clean drinking water, so why not buy from a name that you can trust? We guarantee you’ll be satisfied. 

We Deliver to All Companies, Big or Small

Bulk water delivery is a major component of our business, and we deliver to a wide variety of companies––construction, offices, manufacturers, and businesses throughout Jefferson County. We also work with companies based in New York, Miami, Kansas City, and more. One major perk of bulk water delivery? Big companies receive a discounted rate because they buy so much in bulk. 

Any business that requires physical labor usually requires an adequate supply of water to help its employees stay hydrated on the job––especially in the spring and summer months, when hydration really is a safety concern. We make it our mission to drop off water pallets promptly so that you and your crew can stay cool and hydrated around the clock. 

Schedule a Delivery to Fit Your Needs

Water Way is known for our excellent customer service and getting water delivered in a timely fashion. If you have a special delivery request, we can fulfill it––same-day delivery is usually an option; make sure you give us a call as soon as possible. There are no minimum order requirements, and no qualifications needed to get bulk water delivered.

Here are the most frequent water delivery requests we receive to give you an idea before you place an order with us: 

  • A typical pallet is 84 cases of water; 24 bottles per case
  • 10 oz waters are 126 cases per pallet
  • 20 oz waters are 60 cases per pallet

If you’re interested in starting a water delivery schedule with us, give us a call! We’ll create a delivery plan that fits your needs––so you can enjoy refreshing water, hassle free.

Water Way: We’re Not Just About Water!

Not only do we provide your home or business with the purest possible water, we also offer a complete line of beverages for you to enjoy, including everything from sports drinks to coffee. 


It’s no doubt we’re best known for our water—and there’s a reason! Whether you need one gallon or five gallons, we can provide you with crisp and refreshing water in a variety of sizes and types of water. 

You can get water delivered to your home or business in these sizes: 

  • 5 gallon
  • 3 gallon
  • 2.5 gallon (two per case)
  • 1 gallon (six per case)

You can also get different kinds of water! 

  • Spring
  • Purified
  • Distilled

Our water also comes in single-serve cases, with the following sizes: 

  • 20 oz (24 per case)
  • 16.9 oz (24 per case)
  • 10 oz (24 per case)

These sizes can also be filled with spring, purified, or distilled water. 

Ordering water in bulk for your company, or providing water for a sports team? You can get your company or team’s logo printed on our water bottles! Contact us to learn more. 

Sports Drinks

Sometimes you need a little more than regular water. Maybe you’ve just finished an intense workout, or you’re providing the drinks for basketball practice—grab a case of our sports drinks. We provide a variety of options, including:

  • 20 oz Gatorade Variety Packs (24 per case)
  • 12 oz Gatorade Variety Packs (28 per case)
  • Specialty Flavored Sports Drinks
  • Gatorade Powder
  • Sqwincher
  • Propel (24 per case)
  • Freeze Pops


We offer both packet and K Cups in a wide selection of flavors and brands, from Starbucks to McCafe to Folgers and more! Coffee is available by the case or by the pallet, so you get exactly what you, your family, or your office needs. We have: 

  • Specialty K Cup Coffee
  • Coffee Packets
  • Filter Packs
  • Coffee Stations & Equipment

Filtration & Coolers

We offer a variety of filtration systems and bottomless coolers. Water Way also performs maintenance and ensures that filters are managed on a regular schedule. 

Water way has a number of cooler options based on your specific needs! Choose a model and a cooler that suits your preference. You can choose from hot and cold, room temperature and cold, top loading, and bottom loading coolers. 

Paper Products

Have your drinks, but nothing to drink out of? Set up your drinking station at your home or office with some of our fine paper products and cup dispensers! Cups can be purchased by the sleeve or by the case, and come in the following sizes: 

  • 5 oz
  • 7 oz
  • 8 oz
  • 12 oz
  • 16 oz
  • Cone
  • Flat Bottom

All of these sizes come in waxed paper, styrofoam, plastic, and paper options!
For all of your beverage needs, you can trust Water Way to deliver incredible products, and incredible service. Contact us today!

How Senior Citizens Can Stay Hydrated

Hydration is super important for all of us, but it’s especially important for our senior citizens – particularly in the summer. But even if it’s in the middle of winter, drinking enough water is still important for the elderly.

Sure, older adults probably have health and nutrition needs that seem more pressing. But honestly, not drinking enough water can easily complicate any other condition you may have, and make you feel even worse.

Plus, it’s more important that senior citizens stay mindful of proper hydration because they experience less thirst than younger adults – even though their body doesn’t need less water. So, they end up drinking less water and depriving their bodies of what they need.

Here’s how older adults can stay hydrated and drink plenty of the good stuff.

Get in the Habit of Drinking Water Throughout the Day

It’s easy to say “just drink more water,” but older adults don’t get as thirsty, so the impetus isn’t there as much.

So, instead, get in the habit of sipping on water throughout the day. Get a nice, quality water bottle, keep it filled, and take sips. Soon, you’ll get into the habit of drinking the water you need – and it’ll be automatic, since you’ll develop a healthy habit.

Additionally, studies have shown that merely having water near you at all times increases your water intake. So, keep that bottle handy.

Eat More Fruits and Veggies with High Water Content

We naturally think you should be drinking water all the time. But you can supplement drinking water by eating it – or, rather, eating foods that have a lot of water in them. And few foods have higher water content than fruit and select veggies.

Fruits like watermelon and grapefruit have high water content. So do foods like celery and cucumbers. Other hydrating foods include tomatoes, strawberries, cantaloupe, peaches, and oranges.

(Bonus: Drink lots of skim milk. Skim milk is not only 91% water; it’s also full of calcium and other goodies.)

Deliver Water at the Right Temperature

Finally, it’s a lot easier to drink plenty of water if it’s served at the right temperature.

Some like it cold. Some like it ice-cold. Some like it room temperature. Find out how you like it, or how your senior citizen likes it, and offer up plenty of water at that temperature. That’s one simple, yet underutilized way to help people drink more water.

Senior citizens don’t want to deal with the nasty side effects of dehydration, so helping them stay hydrated by drinking water can help them feel better at all times.

Water Way supplies fresh, clean drinking water for homes and offices. Learn more or talk to us about setting up a delivery.

The Holidays Are Here: Time to Get Hydrated!

The holidays are here. Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s follow each other in quick succession, creating a whirlwind of togetherness and festivities over a one-month period. It’s very exciting – the most wonderful time of the year, as the song goes – but it can also be taxing on your body.

At Water Way, we always recommend one thing above all else, no matter what you’re doing: drink lots of water. And that advice is even more important for the holiday season.


Big Reasons Why Drinking Water Is Important

For starters, you’ll have so much going on that you’ll need to keep up your energy levels. Staying hydrated ensures your nutrients are feeding your body and giving your cells the energy they need. Dehydration slows that process.

Staying hydrated also makes for a more pleasant holiday experience. Dehydration causes irritability, fatigue, aches and cramps, and other nasty symptoms that will seriously put a damper on the holiday spirit.

Drinking lots of water can even keep down that dreaded and seemingly-inevitable weight gain that comes from eating tons of turkey, dressing, and dessert. There is a proven link between drinking plenty of water and maintaining a healthy weight.

Finally, if you imbibe adult holiday beverages (we all know what we’re saying), then you can avoid hangovers by staying hydrated.

Simple Tips for Staying Hydrated

To get the benefits of staying hydrated, drink enough water so that you never feel thirsty throughout the day. Your urine should be clear. When you pinch the skin above your knuckles, it should snap back into place.

Drink plenty of water before you eat each meal. It allows you to still enjoy delicious holiday meals without overeating. Match each alcoholic drink with a glass of water. And get in the habit of carrying a reusable water bottle around with you and drinking from it throughout the day.

Turkey is a big part of the holidays. So are presents. Water should be one, too. (In fact, if you want to put a five-gallon water bottle beneath the tree, we won’t complain.)

Water Way supplies fresh, clean spring water for homes and offices. Learn more or talk to us about setting up a delivery.

4 Great Water Parks to Visit in Alabama

The kids may be back at school, but that doesn’t mean the water parks are closing. For a little more time, at least, you and your family can enjoy a weekend at the water park – and Alabama has some great ones to choose from.

From Decatur to Gulf Shores and everywhere in between, here are four great water parks in the Yellowhammer State for you and your family to enjoy.

Alabama Splash Adventure – Bessemer

Alabama Splash Adventure is probably the most well-known water park in Alabama. Located just outside of Birmingham in Bessemer, Alabama Splash Adventure is a family-owned park featuring everything from gravity-defying water slides to a wave pool, water obstacle courses for the kids, a lazy river, and even a 120-feet tall roller coaster called Rampage.

They offer season tickets to help families attend regularly, but even if you only come through the Birmingham area periodically, it’s a great place to spend a weekend.

Point Mallard – Decatur

Did you know that the nation’s first wave pool was built right here in Alabama? It’s located at Point Mallard, a water park in the northwest corner of the state that also features a Squirt Factory and Duck Pond area for the kids, a speed slide, three flume tube rides, and other ridiculously fun attractions.

The Decatur area in general is great for summer fun; you’ll regularly find festivals, concerts, and sports all through the season.

Waterville USA – Gulf Shores

If you want to have water park fun while at the beach, Waterville USA in Gulf Shores is your destination.

Also an amusement park with Naskart Go-Karts, a roller coaster, and trampolines, the water park has 17 water slides (including a 60-foot drop), a wave pool, a lazy river a third of a mile long, and an assortment of other attractions sure to please young and old alike.

Spring Valley Beach – Blountsville

Located an hour’s drive away from Birmingham, Spring Valley Beach is a family-friendly water park across 25 acres full of fun, from 10 awesome water slides – including the four-story Sidewinder – to a mammoth pool that’s the largest in the Southeast.

Plus, of the parks on this list, Spring Valley Beach is the only one that lets you bring your own food, making it a perfect destination for a picnic.

Don’t settle for just visiting one park, though – aim for all four! Make it a grand family tour of the state’s water parks, and you’re guaranteed to have fun.

Water Way supplies fresh, clean spring water for homes and offices. Learn more or talk to us about setting up a delivery.

3 Reasons Your Employees Need a Water Cooler

Does your office have a water cooler?

If it doesn’t, it needs one – for the benefit of your employees. “But how can a water cooler help our employees beyond giving them water?”

Well, water is important, as we’ll explain, but there are other reasons that a water cooler is a big boost to the workplace.

Water Actually Boosts Productivity

Every boss wants his or her workers to be more productive. They go to great lengths to boost productivity, from lectures to training classes, advice from consultants, and incentives. They even spend thousands of dollars on special office furniture.

There’s a simpler way to make your employees more productive: give them plenty of water.

Scientists have found links between dehydration – not having enough water – and lower productivity. The more your workers’ bodies need water, the more sluggish, fatigued, and unfocused they’ll be.

But give them a water cooler and watch your hydration levels go up. It’s almost like magic.

Access to Water Can Reduce Sick Days

Did you know that a significant chunk of illnesses that affect workers and cause them to miss work are related to water?

Water is closely related to gastrointestinal health issues that frequently make employees take sick days. Your business’s productivity goes down when your employees take off when they’re sick for two reasons: first, it places more of a workload on your other workers, especially since sick days are usually unplanned. Second, your employees will be more stressed when they come back to work because of the work they’ve missed that has piled up.

Want fewer sick days? Give your employees lots of clean, fresh water to drink.

Water Coolers Boost Morale

We’ve all heard of water cooler talk. It’s a meme at this point in the office world. But, the morale effects of water cooler talk are real. It offers a place for your workers to congregate around, which means they get to associate with each other. The result? Higher morale – happier workers are better workers.

This also gives you the opportunity to spend more time talking with your employees, which helps you better manage them.

Water coolers are awesome for the workplace. There are too many benefits of having one for your office to be missing its very own cooler full of refreshing spring water. Contact us if you want to correct that mistake and have water delivered to your office on a regular basis. If you’re a first-time customer, you can also benefit from a special discount!

5 Great Reasons to Get an Office Water Cooler

Everyone needs water. When you’re working hard in the office, you definitely need water (if not something stronger).

But, believe it or not, there are still plenty of workplaces that don’t have their own office water coolers. As a water delivery service, we can’t believe this, which is why we want to share with the working world just how many benefits you can gain from having fresh, pure drinking water where you work.

Here are 5 compelling reasons you should get a water cooler for your office and give employees access to great-tasting H2O.

Spring Water Is Pure and Refreshing

We deliver spring water – not purified water, which isn’t all-natural and is barely more than tap water in most cases – to offices and homes throughout the area who all want pure, refreshing hydration.

We carefully select our sources to deliver the best-tasting water without additives or contaminants. So, when you get a water cooler, you can have our water delivered straight to your door.

(We’ll even put the water next to the cooler, or wherever you want.)

Water Coolers Protect the Environment

Businesses these days all want to go green and be eco-friendly. But bringing case after case of individually bottled water from the grocery store into the office doesn’t protect the environment; it just creates more waste.

You can drink great water with a fraction of the packaging by using our big bottles. All you have to do is load one onto your office water cooler and presto – you’re reducing waste and protecting the environment.

There Are a Variety of Sizes

You don’t have to buy a big, free-standing water cooler if you don’t want to; there are plenty of options for you. And the modern water coolers aren’t as bulky and space-wasting as previous editions that you’ve probably seen on TV.

So, when you buy a water cooler for the office, you can pick one that best meets your needs.

Hydration Boosts Productivity

When people aren’t drinking enough water, they get tired. When they get tired, their focus slips and their productivity drops.

You can actually boost productivity by ensuring your workers are hydrated. The best way to get people to drink more water is to have it readily available – which is where your office water cooler comes in.

If you bring it, they’ll drink it – and they’ll perform better, too.

Water Coolers Save Money

You have to get fresh, crisp, pure drinking water from somewhere. Unfortunately, that means spending a lot of money by going to the store and buying cases of individual water bottles (and we all know how expensive those can be). The larger the office, the more you’ll pay.

Water coolers cut down on the cost, because a water delivery service is a much more affordable way to hydrate an office.

We hope we’ve convinced you to get an office water cooler. If so, contact us to get started with your water delivery service so you can start realizing the benefits of great-tasting and hydrating H2O whenever you need it.

3 Ways Water Is Really Weird – and Cool

Water is one of the weirdest substances on the planet – nay, the universe.

It’s not just because water is scarce. Earth is the only planet that we’ve ever found in which we have stable bodies of water on the surface. (Other planets and moons could have water underneath the surface, which is really cool in and of itself.)

There are other reasons why water is weird. Let’s discuss.

Water Floats on Itself

Take a look at a glass full of ice water the next time you drink one. (We hope you’re drinking six to eight glasses a day.)

Notice that the ice is floating in the water. Ice is just frozen water, or water in its solid state. So what you’re seeing, basically, is water floating on itself.

No other substance does that. When you melt wax and put it in a liquid state, then stick a wax candle in it, the wax candle sinks – not floats. The same thing goes with metal. Solid metal doesn’t float on molten metal.

But water floats on itself. Why? Because when water freezes, it does something interesting: it expands. This allows the ice to float, where other substances would flounder.

Water Probably Shouldn’t Exist

If water behaved like other substances, it wouldn’t exist in its liquid form.

Take the chemical composition of water – two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom in every molecule of water. Other chemicals with hydrogen atoms and atoms of something else are gases, like hydrogen sulfide (H2S) and hydrogen chloride (HCl).

But water in its base form is a liquid. So, if it obeyed the same rules as H2S and HCl, it’d be vapor – and there would be no oceans, and no water in your glass to drink.

Water Has Fantastic Surface Tension and Stickiness

If you’ve ever noticed how some insects can skim along the surface of a lake or pond – or how you can skip a rock across the same surface – then you’ve seen surface tension in action. The more surface tension in a liquid, the more stable the liquid will be. So the insect stays on top instead of sinking.

Water has a lot more surface tension than other liquids, even though other liquids can be heavier. It’s due to how water molecules bind so tightly to each other.

Put simply, each hydrogen atom in a water molecule wants to bond with the oxygen atom in another water molecule. So you have all these molecules wanting to clump together with powerful strength. This makes water “sticky.”

Water being sticky is really important. It allows our blood to transfer oxygen through our body despite gravity. It allows water to go through our garden hose when we turn it on. It lets us pour things and pump things and move things around.

Water will also stick to just about anything. It’ll dissolve so many things that it’s almost a universal solvent. This means water is extremely corrosive, but it’s also extremely beneficial. Nutrients can become dissolved in water and be transferred throughout a system – such as a flower, a tree, a dog, or a human body.

Water Is Really Cool

All of this means that water is extremely cool. We may be biased, because we deliver drinking water to homes and offices, but we think water being weird is a good thing – especially in light of the fact that water is absolutely essential to life.

So, the next time you drink up, reflect on how weird water is – and be thankful!

Water Way supplies fresh, clean, and tasty drinking water to homes and offices. Contact us for more information.

Where Is Water in Our Solar System?

Water is the most necessary ingredient for human life, and fortunately, our planet has plenty of it! But in a solar system so large, it seems almost impossible that we would be the only location with water. The Kuiper Belt, which contains Pluto and more, is over 7.5 billion kilometers away, and that’s not even the end of the social system. But where, exactly, is extra-terrestrial water located? We break it down below.


The two most certain locations of water outside of our planet are both moons.

Europa, which orbits around Jupiter, and Enceladus of Saturn have both been all but confirmed to have water. Europa has an ice crust, but seems to show clear signs of water below. The tidal effects from Jupiter’s gravitational pull, along with possible hydrothermal vents, have many thinking it could even be warm water!

Enceladus is much smaller than Europa, but it makes up for its size with an even greater chance at having a warm ocean. The warm oceans and hourly geyser eruptions show many similarities to the atmosphere of life-bearing Earth. Ganymede, the largest of Jupiter’s moons, is also expected to have a warm ocean. However, no geysers and a lack of surface activity leave questions regarding whether the water is frozen or not.

Mars and Dione (another moon of Saturn) probably contained water in the past, but researchers are less sure about the situation now. In a surprising development, it’s now thought Pluto could have a potential ocean, but this is not yet confirmed. Mercury, Neptune, Uranus, and the Earth’s moon were all once considered waterless, but recent developments show a chance of small amounts found in each.


Ice is much more commonly found across our solar system, with many moons around Saturn, Neptune, and Uranus appearing to be made mostly of frozen water. The Kuiper Belt is also known for containing hundred of icy objects, including Pluto and other dwarf planet candidates.


Vapors can be found quite often throughout the solar system, often in packs that have never been named! Planets like Venus, Jupiter, and Saturn have also shown signs of water vapor.

The Water Way – Earth’s Favorite Water Distributor

While it’s certainly interesting to learn about the different forms of water throughout the solar system, our focus remains on keeping the good people of Earth hydrated. We deliver high-quality water to our clients, whether they’re at business or at home! Contact us today for more information.

How Are Water Prices Chosen?

Have you ever wondered how, exactly, water pricing works? Here in the United States, water is a relatively cheap commodity, especially when you consider how much of a necessity it is in our everyday lives. But how is such a vital resource so cheap, and who decides the pricing of H2O? We discuss below.


Water utility pricing varies depending on the pricing structure being used, but the same factors still play into the decision. A city’s water infrastructure and physical proximity to a source will play a big role in the overall price.

One of the bigger payment options includes flat fee rates, which means that the individual would pay the exact same amount of money each month, no matter how much they spend. This gives the comfort of using however much water is needed for daily tasks without having to worry about cost, but it can also lead to a wasteful overuse of resources.

There are a number of more conservative structures that address overuse. For example, the water surcharge strategy charges a higher rate once a household has reached excessive use, while increasing block rates charge a certain price as new levels of use are reached. There are even pricing structures based on time of day and season of the year.

Bottled Water

While an individual bottle of water may seem relatively cheap, it’s much more expensive than the tap water in our homes. But what factors play into this large increase in pricing?

Bottled water takes more time and effort to produce, from the bottling plants to transportation. It also goes through more hands to reach the final consumer, and the price increases with every transaction. Variables such as the type of water, what brand is on the bottle, and where the bottle was purchased all have an effect on how much you’re paying, too.

Water Way Makes Water Easy!

Water is our passion – not only because we enjoy providing high-quality H2O to our consumers, but we make it easier than ever to get the hydration that we all need to stay healthy. We deliver various sizes directly to your home or business, so all you have to do is drink it! Contact us today for more information.