Be Careful! Is Your Water Bad?

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Have you ever left a glass of water on your bedside table only to pick it up a couple days later and realize it tastes funky? This does not mean that your water has gone “bad.” It just means your water is not fresh. You will be just fine! So, what is happening?

What Makes Water Taste Different?

When your glass of water is exposed to carbon dioxide in the air for an extended period of time, the water’s PH level increases in acidity a bit. This is why it tastes different. However, only your tongue knows the difference. That water is still fine and still good for you. With high quality water, it takes longer for this process to occur. A sitting glass of water is safe to drink, because even though it has been exposed to carbon dioxide, it doesn’t have contaminants like bacteria from your mouth or hands in it.

There are several other things that can make water taste different. In fact, it could just be the assortment of minerals and nutrients found in your water that affect how it tastes. Minerals like calcium and magnesium are often found in water, as well as sodium. These can trick your tongue, but water is still water.

Stay Hydrated with Spring Water

To maintain a healthy body, water and sleep are essential. When our bodies are dehydrated, symptoms tend to be quite noticeable. Fatigue, complexion imperfections, and darker urine are obvious signs. The minute you start to feel dehydrated, you have already waited too long. Your body needs a constant flow of water throughout the day to lubricate organs and function optimally. For men, about 10-13 glasses of spring water are ideal, and for women, about 9 glasses.

If you are worried about exposing your water to contaminants and open air, consider investing in home spring water delivery. A home spring water cooler is the ideal way to keep your family hydrated, keep your water clean, and ensure that your water is of high quality every time.

Spring Water Delivery in Birmingham, Alabama

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