How Your Body Uses Water

natural spring water

Water is essential to our survival as human beings. It does more than quench our thirst; water keeps our hearts pumping, our minds working, and our bodies functioning. Learn more about why our bodies need water with Water Way in Birmingham, AL.

Cell and Metabolic Function

We need water to function properly — from hydrating our cells to enabling reactions within our bodies that kickstart our metabolism. Natural spring water enables hydrolysis reactions within the body and helps biochemically break down the foods we eat. For these reasons, staying well hydrated is essential to maintain maximum functionality.

Regulating Body Temperature

Water not only helps your muscles and joints function, it also regulates your body’s temperature. Water helps limit changes in your body’s temperature because of its large heat capacity. So, it allows your body to release heat by sweating. Though sweating may feel hot and gross, the evaporation of the water on your skin cools off your body.

Transporting Nutrients and Removing Waste

Natural spring water acts as more than a regulator in your body. It also works as a carrier. There are nearly three liters of blood in our body. Water can help transport nutrients to those blood cells. After filtration, absorption, and elimination through the kidneys, water also helps your body keep the nutrients it needs while removing the waste.

Helping You Lose Weight

Unlike sugary drinks, water contains no calories and no sugar. For this reason, keeping an in-home water cooler is the perfect way to supply your body with the hydration it needs, maintain a low-hassle, convenient schedule, and work to lose weight at the same time!

Learn More with Water Way

It’s as simple as drinking a tall glass of natural spring water. Don’t wait! Contact the professionals at Water Way of Birmingham, AL, today to set up convenient water delivery for your home or office. Kickstart your way to a healthier you!