Watering Down Dehydration


With so many things happening in our daily lives, it can be easy to forget about dehydration while we are running around. However, it can happen quickly, and once it does, it isn’t pleasant! Anyone who has experienced the symptoms of heat stroke can vouch for how awful the experience is. Even when we are aware of the need to prevent it, that awareness means little if we don’t know the proper steps to avoid losing too much water. Let’s go over some of the main ingredients to preventing dehydration. Drink Plenty of Water When we say drink plenty of water, we don’t just mean when you start feeling the symptoms. Staying hydrated is a year-long task, not just for […]

Water Quality of Our Water Parks

water park water quality

There is nothing quite like a water park in the summer. The sun finally meets its match with an endless number of water slides, wave pools, and every type of water entertainment you can imagine! But while the water may seem like our best friend while we are cooling down, there is always one thought in the back of our minds: What, exactly, is in this water? Well, let’s get to the bottom of it! What to Look Out For While water parks are filled with fun, they are also filled with people! Believe it or not, every person at the park will not be as healthy as you and your family. You also can’t always trust the provider of […]

When It Comes to Water, Always Choose Quality!

water quality

Water quality has been a hot topic lately. With national disasters and ominous infrastructure reports, more people than ever have been actively ensuring that their personal water is as clean as possible. But not everyone has joined in on this clean-water craze. We believe that “better safe than sorry” is always a good rule to follow, but especially when it comes to water. Read on to find out why this is so important. Why It Matters Besides keeping our bodies going, water is also important for keeping us clean, washing our clothes, and cooking. Water literally affects every part of our lives. With recent news reports discussing contaminated water, it is more important than ever for us to act while […]

5 Questions Every Homeowner Should Ask About Their Water Pipes

water pipes

It’s no secret that issues with pipe breaks, leaks, and clogs are common in most U.S. households. Problems with the water and sewer lines running from your property line, as well as other in-home plumbing issues, are a daily occurrence. In fact, according to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, there are 650 water main breaks reported each day. This adds up to a daily loss of 7 billion gallons of water. Water pipe repairs not only disrupt normal life, but are costly. Since most homeowners are responsible for their pipes, take a look at these five questions homeowners should ask to detect potential plumbing problems. Are You Aware of Your Environment? Mature trees near your water service lines can be […]

A Guide to Hand-Washing Clothes

washing clothes by hand

Although it seems like laundry and dryer units should be easily accessible in today’s times, there are many instances where one may need to wash clothes by hand. Fortunately, it’s easier than you think! Equipment The items needed for washing clothes by hand are simple, but it is very important that you acquire the right type. Just like with a washer, the detergent and water temperature are very important to get right. Read the label of your clothing for the proper levels. If there is no label, a mild detergent can be used with lukewarm water. Something to contain your water, preferably a bathtub or sink, will be needed as well. If you are backpacking or in a more desperate […]

Splash into Summer with These Alabama Water Parks!

Alabama water park

While we are enjoying the summer, we can’t help but notice it gets a little toasty in Alabama from time to time. Fortunately, Alabama is not just one of the nation’s most humid states, it also has some of the best water parks! Wave pools, water slides, and even roller coasters are combined at locations across the state to make a fun day for the whole family. Don’t believe us? Let us tell you about some of our favorites! Alabama Splash Adventure – Bessemer, AL Splash Adventure is a combination of classic and unique entertainment. It brings the wave pool, lazy river, and water slides in full force. With names like Neptune’s Plunge, Splashdown, and Upsurge bringing perfect descriptions for […]

Mastering the At-Home Car Wash

washing car at home

There are some things in life that are worth spending money not to do, and some things that are simply too easy to pay someone else for. Washing a car falls into the latter category for many people. But even if we are motivated to wash our own car, we must know how to do it properly. Sure, it seems like a quick wash-over with a hose will work, but it’s a little more complicated than that if you want to get the job done right. Let’s go over some simple tips that can bring your car back to its glory days. Tools No job can be completed well without the right tools. Fortunately, washing your car only requires a […]

Keeping Your Fish’s Water Clean

keep fish bowl fresh

Happy National Aquarium Month! This is a great time to visit your local aquarium, as well as focus on how to keep your personal fish bowl clean. Water to a fish is like air to a human: necessary to live and not fun to breathe when dirty! It is very important that if you are considering becoming a fish owner, you know the proper way to take care of their water. Adjusting to a New Home Getting your first fish is an exciting time. No one could blame you for rushing home and immediately dumping them in your brand new aquarium. However, that is not the best thing for your new fish friend! Your fish needs to become acclimated to […]

Smoke the Competition This Memorial Day: 4 BBQ Tips

Memorial Day BBQ

Planning on hosting a barbecue this Memorial Day? While it is easy to throw some meat on the grill, it is more difficult to prepare a summer BBQ party that all can enjoy. Let’s look at some helpful tips to make sure your Memorial Day BBQ is everything your guests hope for! Plan Ahead Invite people well ahead of time so that your guest list isn’t filled with folks who have already committed to something else. The last thing you want is to work hard on an amazing party and then have nobody show up! Also, with all the food and fun you are preparing, it is important to start getting ready the day before. Any sides or marinating that […]

Water – Everybody’s Favorite Movie Star

water based movies

Water plays many roles in our everyday life, including quenching our thirst, bathing, and washing our clothes and dishes. However, there is another role that water plays that we don’t normally think about – movie star. Many of our movie favorites center around water, and it’s about time this fabulous liquid got credit for all of its hard work. Let’s take a look at some of its biggest roles! Jaws While Jaws and its soundtrack (deservedly) get most of the credit, water definitely earned a Best Supporting Actor Role in this one. A shark in the water brings out a fear in people that not many other things can compare to. Luckily, when you order from Water Way, you won’t […]

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