How to Donate Water

donating water

Donating water has become something that many people have felt called to do in the wake of recent disasters, but not everybody is sure about the best way to do so. Water will always be needed in certain locations throughout the world, but a recent uptick in water-related chaos has brought the issue front and center. The Flint, Michigan crisis that began in 2014 raised a lot of awareness, and more recent disasters like Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, and Maria have only bolstered the need for water donations. Keep reading for some of the best ways to donate water! Donations Donating makes giving to those in need easy – all you have to do is purchase a product or give money […]

Chasing Alabama’s Waterfalls

Alabama waterfalls

When TLC sang about not chasing waterfalls, we have to believe they weren’t talking about the marvelous beauties in the Yellowhammer state. Whether you’re exploring Alabama’s highest point or taking the day away from the Magic City, there is always a waterfall close by! Keep reading to learn some of our favorite waterfalls in Alabama. Peavine Falls Nestled in Oak Mountain State Park, one of Birmingham residents’ favorite getaway spots, Peavine Falls is a great day trip from the Magic City. There are many different trails leading to this spectacular waterfall, so pick your distance and difficulty and get to hiking! Don’t worry about getting sweaty, because there’s a spot beneath the falls that provides a chance to cool down. […]

Drought 101: What to Know


Droughts have been making plenty of headlines in recent years. California was in an infamously long stretch of dryness, and Alabama has faced its own share of dangerously waterless months. Unlike other natural disasters, droughts slowly creep into fruition before leaving chaos in their paths. But what exactly causes this to happen, and what measures need to be taken if we find ourselves in a drought? Keep reading to learn! Factors There are multiple reasons a drought could happen, and each one is equally dangerous. The first factor is what most of us probably think of – low precipitation. When it doesn’t rain, the ground will begin to suffer. This is especially severe in crop-yielding areas. Another cause is a […]

Drinking Water to Stay Well

drinking water to stay well

Your body’s immune system needs healthy food, plenty of rest, and — you guessed it! — the right amount of water in order to function properly. When we don’t take care of ourselves, our body simply cannot hold up the kind of defenses it needs during cold and flu season, which means we’re more at risk for catching the latest virus going around the office. Luckily, a great water-drinking habit can help us stay well! Keep reading to find out tips for drinking water to stay well this fall. Avoid Sugary Drinks Here in the South, we love our sweet tea! And many of us also love carbonated soft drinks, sports drinks, and lemonade. There’s nothing necessarily wrong with enjoying […]

What Are Plastic Codes and What’s Best for Me?

plastic codes

Plastic codes are all around us, but the vast majority of people have never taken the time to consider what they represent. Most people would say they recognize the number surrounded by three arrows in a triangular pattern, but few could boast that they know what it means. The numbers range from 1 to 7, and inform us of the safety and recyclability of each plastic. Code 1 – Polyethylene terephthalate (PET, PETE, polyester) The first type of code contains some plastic heavyweights including bottles, jars, microwaveable trays, and detergent containers. While these may be some of the most common, this doesn’t make them the safest. These are intended to be used once, as multiple uses greatly increases the risk […]

Where Does Our Water Come From?

where does our water come from

It may be a part of our everyday lives, but how many of us know where the water in our homes comes from? Most of us would say we understand the water cycle and its various stages. Evaporation, condensation, precipitation, and more send water from different sources, like the ocean and river, to the atmosphere and back. But how does this relate to our water? Groundwater Sources When it rains, water hits the ground and eventually seeps into the land. Water will naturally take the path of least resistance, which causes it to slowly move throughout the earth. Certain materials like gravel, sand, and clay provide better underground storage units for water. If there are enough open pores in the […]

Testing Water Quality: What’s Really In There?

testing water quality

Interested in testing the water quality of your home, but not sure how? It’s perfectly understandable to want to know what’s in your water, and it’s not very hard to do so! There are a few different processes that can be taken to test the quality of your home’s water, and we will briefly discuss some of the most effective. Senses Many people looking to get advice on testing their water quality have probably already done this to a degree. First, does your water smell? If it smells musty or has a scent similar to rotten eggs or bleach, you need to further investigate! While musty and bleach smells may be harmless, it’s still necessary to get it checked out. […]

What’s in Our Water Fountains?

water fountains

Water fountains have been an integral part of schools and other public places in the United States since they were first introduced in 1859. In recent years, however, these magical water dispensers have become less trusted by the general population. Due to an increase in public water incidents, more and more people are turning to other methods of hydration. But are these new safety measures justified? Let’s take a look. The Fountain While most of the attention is focused on the actual drinking water, we shouldn’t forget about the fountain itself. Most fountains have been touched by thousands, possibly millions, of people, so it’s easy to see why we should give them a little attention. But are they actually dangerous? […]

Watering Down Dehydration


With so many things happening in our daily lives, it can be easy to forget about dehydration while we are running around. However, it can happen quickly, and once it does, it isn’t pleasant! Anyone who has experienced the symptoms of heat stroke can vouch for how awful the experience is. Even when we are aware of the need to prevent it, that awareness means little if we don’t know the proper steps to avoid losing too much water. Let’s go over some of the main ingredients to preventing dehydration. Drink Plenty of Water When we say drink plenty of water, we don’t just mean when you start feeling the symptoms. Staying hydrated is a year-long task, not just for […]

Water Quality of Our Water Parks

water park water quality

There is nothing quite like a water park in the summer. The sun finally meets its match with an endless number of water slides, wave pools, and every type of water entertainment you can imagine! But while the water may seem like our best friend while we are cooling down, there is always one thought in the back of our minds: What, exactly, is in this water? Well, let’s get to the bottom of it! What to Look Out For While water parks are filled with fun, they are also filled with people! Believe it or not, every person at the park will not be as healthy as you and your family. You also can’t always trust the provider of […]

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