What Are the Best Times to Drink Water?

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We all know that we should drink water regularly throughout the day. While it’s impossible to tell how much water each individual needs – studies show that it varies from person to person – it’s clear that without enough water, we feel groggy, tired, sluggish, and just plain bad. But when should we drink water? And does it matter? There actually is science to timing when you drink. As a rule, you should drink water: 30 minutes before each meal (it helps with digestion) During meals An hour after your meal (to help your body absorb the food nutrients) The day before working out strenuously 2-3 hours before exercising 30 minutes before exercising During exercise Within 30 minutes of exercising […]

Keep Your Kids Hydrated and Safe This Summer


Kids are out of school and the weather is scorching, which means summer must be here. It’s important to know that with warm weather comes a danger to your kids: dehydration. The summer season is the absolute worst time in the year when it comes to dehydration, which can lead to serious health issues. Hydration is especially important for children because their bodies are more prone to dehydration on account of the fact that they don’t cool as efficiency as adult bodies. So, it’s key that you keep fluids flowing to make up for the fluids that your kids are going to be losing through sweat. Here’s what you need to know to keep your children safe. Build Good Water […]

5 Great Reasons to Get an Office Water Cooler

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Everyone needs water. When you’re working hard in the office, you definitely need water (if not something stronger). But, believe it or not, there are still plenty of workplaces that don’t have their own office water coolers. As a water delivery service, we can’t believe this, which is why we want to share with the working world just how many benefits you can gain from having fresh, pure drinking water where you work. Here are 5 compelling reasons you should get a water cooler for your office and give employees access to great-tasting H2O. Spring Water Is Pure and Refreshing We deliver spring water – not purified water, which isn’t all-natural and is barely more than tap water in most […]

How We Ensure the Quality of Our Water

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At Water Way, we’re proud of our bottled water delivery service – because we’re proud of our water. No one wants anything less than the purest, freshest, most delicious drinking water. Whether you’re using it to brew coffee or just drinking it out of a mug, drinking water is better when you can guarantee the quality. So how do we guarantee the quality of our water? For starters, it’s not easy to produce water that is crisp, refreshing, and safe. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is in charge of regulating bottled water, which means that as a bottled water producer, we’re required to meet certain obligations under the law. These obligations include meeting rigorous standards. Fortunately, our products […]

What’s the Most Expensive Water in the World?

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Water is arguably the most valuable resource in the world. We need it to do a million things, including live. Without it, life on Earth wouldn’t be possible. So how much would you pay for a bottle of water? There’s definitely value in having water delivered to your home or office, especially crisp, pure drinking water. But for some people with extravagant taste and big wallets, you get what you pay for – and they want water that costs well above average. Here, we’ll run through some of the world’s most expensive water. By the time you get done reading you’ll never complain about water prices again! #5: VEEN Water Made in Finland, VEEN (short for a Finnish phrase that […]

Water Shortages Could Be the World’s Next Big Problem

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Water is something most of us take for granted. It’s there whenever we need it – whether we’re cooking dinner, watering our lawn, swimming in the lake, or drinking a glass at the office. But for 2.1 billion people across the world, water isn’t something they can take for granted – or depend on. Because that’s the number of people who live every day without safe drinking water. As the World Health Organization states, safe water and sanitation “are some of the most basic requirements for human health, and all countries have a responsibility to ensure that everyone can access them.” Yet, that’s not the case today. And it could get worse in the future, as experts and researchers suggest […]

3 Ways Water Is Really Weird – and Cool

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Water is one of the weirdest substances on the planet – nay, the universe. It’s not just because water is scarce. Earth is the only planet that we’ve ever found in which we have stable bodies of water on the surface. (Other planets and moons could have water underneath the surface, which is really cool in and of itself.) There are other reasons why water is weird. Let’s discuss. Water Floats on Itself Take a look at a glass full of ice water the next time you drink one. (We hope you’re drinking six to eight glasses a day.) Notice that the ice is floating in the water. Ice is just frozen water, or water in its solid state. So […]

Will Icebergs Save South Africa’s Water Crisis?

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Earlier this year, it was reported that Cape Town, a large metropolis of 4 million people in South Africa, barely avoided “Day Zero” – which was the day in which the sprawling city would run out of usable water – thanks to severe drought. But now, the water crisis continues. Experts estimate that by early next year, Cape Town could completely run out of water, leaving its 4 million residents high and dry. The latest idea to help Cape Town? Lassoing an iceberg and using it to provide usable water for the beleaguered city. How an Iceberg Could Save the Day NIcholas Sloane, a salvage expert, thinks it’s possible to grab an iceberg that broke away from Antarctica and tow […]

The 4 Most Impressive Waterfalls in the World


There are few things more beautiful in nature than a waterfall. Alabama has some gorgeous waterfalls, but if you want to see Mother Nature’s best examples of these beauties, you’ll have to leave our state and travel a bit. Since we love everything to do with water – which means not just delivering top-quality drinking water but enjoying it in its natural state – we decided to share the four most impressive waterfalls in the world based on totally objective, scientific criteria: our own opinions. Here are the four waterfalls we’d love to visit at some point due to their majesty and grandeur. Niagara Falls Of the four, Niagara Falls is easily the most familiar, and it’s one that many […]

Where Is Water in Our Solar System?

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Water is the most necessary ingredient for human life, and fortunately, our planet has plenty of it! But in a solar system so large, it seems almost impossible that we would be the only location with water. The Kuiper Belt, which contains Pluto and more, is over 7.5 billion kilometers away, and that’s not even the end of the social system. But where, exactly, is extra-terrestrial water located? We break it down below. Water The two most certain locations of water outside of our planet are both moons. Europa, which orbits around Jupiter, and Enceladus of Saturn have both been all but confirmed to have water. Europa has an ice crust, but seems to show clear signs of water below. […]

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