National Hydration Day

National Hydration Day is June 23—and what better way to celebrate than to commit to staying hydrated? In this article, we’ll go over a brief history of this day (and why it’s important), as well as simple ways you can celebrate by staying hydrated.  National Hydration Day National Hydration Day was created in honor of late football coach Victor Hawkins. Hawkins was known for inventing a special hydrating mouthguard to help keep his players hydrated on the field. The company that continues to sell his invention, SafeTGard, announced the holiday after Hawkins’ passing in honor of his legacy. Too often… Read More

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Bulk Water Delivery for All of Your Business Locations

Water Way is a local company, delivering water in all its forms to all kinds of locations in Alabama—but did you know we can ship water to just about anywhere? If you use us for your Alabama location, there are plenty of benefits to using us for your other U.S. locations as well!  You Get Your Water Fast When you order a bulk water delivery from a local broker, odds are that water has to go to a distribution center—then it’s shipped out to your stores or locations. With Water Way, however, water shipments go directly where you need it… Read More

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5 Gallon Vs. Cases of Water: Which is Better?

Did you know that Water Way serves water in a bunch of different ways? Maybe you’re familiar with our 5 gallon jugs that go with your office’s water cooler, but you didn’t know we also sell those familiar cases of individual bottles you can find at the grocery store. Or maybe it’s the opposite, and you didn’t know we deliver water cooler jugs!  The gist of it is—there are pros and cons to both our 5 gallon jugs and our cases of water. It all comes down to what you need! 5 Gallon Jugs for Your Water Cooler If you… Read More

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Water Way’s Coffee Products & Services

Everyone knows that Water Way has water—but did you know that we offer a lot more than that? Our coffee products and services go far beyond just selling K-cups, too. Keep reading for more on how Water Way can keep you and your whole office caffeinated and ready to work!  Coffee Products for Your Office If you order water from us, you’re probably familiar with our water coolers—those things you see in your break room at the office that inspire chit chat and hydration! We have something just like that but for coffee! Plus, we have a number of coffee… Read More

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Water Way’s Response to Emergency Situations

As one of the basic necessities of life, water can often seem like an unlimited resource—until it’s not.  Emergency situations like hurricanes, floods, tornadoes, and even hard freezes can threaten the availability of water, one of our most precious life-sustaining resources. Until you’ve lived through a similar event, it’s hard to imagine the alarming effect that a water shortage can have on a community and its people. Water Way understands and has worked with individuals, businesses and communities who have experienced such disastrous events. Serving as a source of water during this year’s global pandemic has been no different. Water… Read More

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Stay OSHA Compliant with Water Way

Water is a necessity of life. Turns out, it’s also essential when it comes to employers providing healthy work environments for their employees.  The Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA) provides clear regulations for businesses to follow when it comes to providing water for employees in the workplace. If a business ignores regulations, it can face a hefty fine, which is never a good thing when success is the goal.  Actually, being OSHA compliant for water standards makes perfect business sense. By doing so, employees are more likely to be alert on the job for higher productivity and efficiency, as… Read More

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What Happens to Your Body When You Switch to Only Drinking Water

Drinking water is one the best things you can do for your body. In its most natural form, water acts as a remedy for many ailments that can affect the body such as dehydration, joint pain, headaches, exhaustion, and poor digestion and circulation—just to name a few.  When other elements are added to water, like sugar, preservatives, and colors, it can lose its luster, lowering its ability to naturally benefit the body. If you are currently drinking water via sugary flavored beverages, your body could be missing out. By switching to only drinking water in healthy daily recommendations, you’re likely… Read More

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10 Ways Drinking Water Improves Your Health

Water is good. Whether hot or cold, water is—simply put—good. If you need a reason why, here are ten. #1: Hydrates Your Body Your body depends on hydrating doses of water every day to function in every way. Everything from thinking to breathing benefits from hydration, with research pointing to cool water being the best to consume.  #2: Calms You Down If you tend to feel anxious often, try sipping on hot water or caffeine-free tea. This can help improve functions of the central nervous system for a calmer, more positive outlook. #3: Regulates Blood Flow When your body is… Read More

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Why So Many People Resolve to Drink More Water Each Year

Water may not be fancy, but there’s one thing for sure—you can’t live without it. Maybe that’s why people make resolutions each year to drink more water. In fact, bottled water surpassed soft drinks as the top U.S. beverage by volume in 2017, according to the Beverage Marketing Corporation. And it’s a trend that keeps on growing. Still, why is it that this simple goodness at its most natural state continues to beat hyped-up competition for hydration? Here are a few reasons for starters. Zero Calories As consumers cut down on caffeine and sugary beverages, committing to drink more water… Read More

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Improve Your Workplace With a Coffee Bar

You’re running late to the office, zipping through the front lobby like a Heisman running back in an SEC football game. As you race toward your grey-speckled cubicle, you toss your coat across the chair and make a beeline down the hall for the favorite part of your day.  It’s coffee time—the priority of all priorities.  Can you relate? Over 3/4 of U.S. employees can, living by a boost at the workplace coffee bar each workday. Employees love it, and so do their supervisors for the following six reasons. Gets the Work Juices Flowing Kick back a cup or two… Read More

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