Improving Our Daily Drinking Habits

daily water intake

Think you know how much your daily water intake should be? While most of us would guess 8 ounces, it can vary from person to person! Knowing how much to drink is important for improving our overall wellbeing. The appropriate amount helps the body maintain a reasonable temperature, protect the spine, lubricate the joints, and eliminate waste through sweat and urine. Not only that, but it also prevents serious problems like dehydration from occurring. Keep reading to know the correct amount you should be drinking each day. Children The formative years of an individual’s life are also a time to pay extra attention to the amount of water that needs to be consumed. Starting when a child is around the […]

The Blessing of Clean Water

clean water

Sometimes, it can be easy to forget the basic benefits we enjoy in the United States – including water. Many of us couldn’t imagine a scenario where clean water is hard to come across, but that’s not a reality across the world. Whether it’s the country’s water systems, bottled water, or the ability to easily filter our water, there are plenty of things to be grateful for. Let’s discuss a few of the greatest benefits to drinking water in the U.S. below! Convenience Convenience is a luxury Americans have in many aspects of life, and access to clean water is certainly towards the top of the list. The majority of citizens have multiple access points in their homes alone, not […]

Properly Watering Plants

watering plants

Looking to improve the scenery around your home or office? Plants are wonderful for adding a little visual interest to your surroundings, and they happen to be one of the most eco-friendly decorations you could choose. But if you’re unsure how to properly water these porch companions, they might not be with you very long. Learn more about how to water your plants the right way. Quantity Understanding the amount of water your plants need is important to keep them healthy. A tendency of many new plant owners is to over-water, because it’s better to be safe than sorry. However, this actually creates waterlogging – which can drown the root cells! Don’t over-correct, though, because watering too little means that […]

Dealing with Frozen Pipes

frozen pipes

Worried about frozen water pipes this winter? It happens to thousands every year, and causes quite a headache. The financial damage and inconvenience caused by a burst pipe is far from pleasant, but understanding why this occurs and how to prevent it can make the winter much more enjoyable. Keep reading for instructions to help your home avoid getting wet this winter! Outside Pipes The failure to properly prepare outside pipes is where a lot of homeowners get into trouble, since these areas will be facing the harsh winter weather head-on. However, this is easily avoidable with a few simple steps. Before the temperature drops too low, make sure your garden hose is disconnected from the faucet, thoroughly drained, and […]

Working Together to Prevent Water Pollution

water pollution

Most of us are worried about water pollution, but many people still don’t take the time to make changes on a personal level. However, this is important for truly making large-scale changes! By participating in a few easy practices and sharing them with our family and friends, we can set the wheels in motion for a national pollution revolution. Here are some simple ways of improving the condition of our nation’s water. Watch What Goes Down Your Sink and Toilet We casually put many things down our toilets, sinks, and showers that could easily go in the trash or elsewhere. One of the most common is fats, oils, and grease while cooking. Put them into a jar and discard the […]

Dealing with an Aging Infrastructure

aging infrastructure

The infrastructure of the United States is a massive display of our nation’s ability to provide answers to the needs of its citizens, but recent years have shown the presence of flaws with the current system. As our water infrastructure continues to age, more problems will occur and solutions will become a more urgent need. But how exactly can we repair such a large issue? Well, it won’t be easy but solutions can be created – and they need to happen sooner than later! The Issue Initial infrastructure projects were built to address immediate issues, but like all things, they have withered with age. Most infrastructure projects tend to focus on expanding – not rehabilitating. While both are necessary, the […]

Working Out the Water Way

water exercises

Water is a major part of staying healthy – after all, our bodies are over 70% H2O! But besides staying hydrated, there are other ways water improves our body’s health. Water exercises allow us to have a more relaxed workout experience while still burning a lot of calories. Being active in a body of water does a lot of good for the body – just ask Michael Phelps. But what are some exercises we can do while swimming in the pool? Keep reading for some of our favorites! K-Tread Treading water is already a great way to burn some calories, and the k-tread helps focus on specific areas like the arms, abs, chest, back, and hamstrings. While in the deep […]

How to Donate Water

donating water

Donating water has become something that many people have felt called to do in the wake of recent disasters, but not everybody is sure about the best way to do so. Water will always be needed in certain locations throughout the world, but a recent uptick in water-related chaos has brought the issue front and center. The Flint, Michigan crisis that began in 2014 raised a lot of awareness, and more recent disasters like Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, and Maria have only bolstered the need for water donations. Keep reading for some of the best ways to donate water! Donations Donating makes giving to those in need easy – all you have to do is purchase a product or give money […]

Chasing Alabama’s Waterfalls

Alabama waterfalls

When TLC sang about not chasing waterfalls, we have to believe they weren’t talking about the marvelous beauties in the Yellowhammer state. Whether you’re exploring Alabama’s highest point or taking the day away from the Magic City, there is always a waterfall close by! Keep reading to learn some of our favorite waterfalls in Alabama. Peavine Falls Nestled in Oak Mountain State Park, one of Birmingham residents’ favorite getaway spots, Peavine Falls is a great day trip from the Magic City. There are many different trails leading to this spectacular waterfall, so pick your distance and difficulty and get to hiking! Don’t worry about getting sweaty, because there’s a spot beneath the falls that provides a chance to cool down. […]

Drought 101: What to Know


Droughts have been making plenty of headlines in recent years. California was in an infamously long stretch of dryness, and Alabama has faced its own share of dangerously waterless months. Unlike other natural disasters, droughts slowly creep into fruition before leaving chaos in their paths. But what exactly causes this to happen, and what measures need to be taken if we find ourselves in a drought? Keep reading to learn! Factors There are multiple reasons a drought could happen, and each one is equally dangerous. The first factor is what most of us probably think of – low precipitation. When it doesn’t rain, the ground will begin to suffer. This is especially severe in crop-yielding areas. Another cause is a […]

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