How Are Water Prices Chosen?

water pricing

Have you ever wondered how, exactly, water pricing works? Here in the United States, water is a relatively cheap commodity, especially when you consider how much of a necessity it is in our everyday lives. But how is such a vital resource so cheap, and who decides the pricing of H2O? We discuss below. Utilities Water utility pricing varies depending on the pricing structure being used, but the same factors still play into the decision. A city’s water infrastructure and physical proximity to a source will play a big role in the overall price. One of the bigger payment options includes flat fee rates, which means that the individual would pay the exact same amount of money each month, no […]

Why We Should Use Water Filters

water filters

The use of water filters in the United States has grown tremendously in recent decades, and it shows no signs of slowing down. This indicates a greater desire within the general public to provide their bodies with the best nutrients possible. But not everyone has jumped on board, and those who haven’t may not know exactly why water filters are such a good decision. We discuss some of the biggest motivations for using a filter below. Water Quality The average glass of faucet water contains a multitude of chemicals, minerals, and even leftover shampoo and body wash. In fact, there are more than 2,100 different toxins that a filter can block from reaching the body! As more information comes out […]

Blasting Off with Water Bottle Rockets!

water bottle rocket

Water bottle rockets are one of the most fun ways of learning about science. With one simple project, we can teach our children important concepts like acceleration, gravity, inertia, and even Newton’s law of motion. While it’s fun to pretend like education is the best part, few things beat sending your very own rocket ship into the sky! It’s impossible to have a blast without knowing the proper way of making a rocket, but don’t worry – we have the instructions below! Making Your Bottle Rocket The first step of creating your at-home rocket is ingredients. Luckily for students around the country, everything needed is very easy to find. All you need is a water bottle, some cardboard, a hot […]

What Water Is Best for Baby Formula?

baby formula water

Once a parent chooses to use baby formula, there are a number of questions to think about. One question you may not have considered is what water is appropriate to use with baby formula, but it’s crucial that parents stay educated on the topic. There are a few solid sources that can be used for water, but it’s just as important to know how to prepare it. Keep reading for an explanation. Water to Use There are three types of water that are most appropriate for your infant’s formula. The first option is bottled water made specifically for babies. These allows the comfort of knowing the water being used had to follow much stricter guidelines. Regular bottled water is also […]

Playing with Water

water experiments

Running out of ideas for fun, yet educational, activities to do with the kids? Believe it or not, there are plenty of fantastic water experiments that can easily be done with materials inside your home! These projects are wonderful because they’re not only easy to do, but they allow our children to discover new information about the world they live in. We discuss a couple of our favorite experiments below Musical Cups Fans of the Sandra Bullock classic, Miss Congeniality, might be familiar with this entertaining display of music. For those who haven’t seen the 2000 movie about an undercover agent posing as a beauty queen, this experiment involves multiple cups filled to different levels with water. While Sandra Bullock […]

Dissecting the Raw Water Craze

raw water

Raw water has been taking the country by storm, and not everyone is sure why. The trend has been most popular in the Silicon Valley area, but it has supporters throughout the nation. The major questions arising from this raw water movement are what exactly is it, how safe is it, and are there any actual benefits? Let’s take a look. What Is It? Raw water is unprocessed water that comes straight from the source. Most raw water companies get their water from springs, which do tend to be cleaner than most other water sources, but which still contain plenty of unrecommended ingredients. It is the latest development in a movement that aims to create a healthier lifestyle that depends […]

Keeping a Healthy Heart Through Hydration

water good for heart

There are few things in this world that are more important than the heart. This one organ is the sole reason we continue to exist, and it does so many other things for our bodies at the same time! But what keeps the heart beating? There are many different things we can do to keep our heart healthy, and staying hydrated is one of the most important. We discuss a few reasons why water is so good for the heart, and what happens when it becomes dehydrated, below. Benefits of Hydration It’s no secret that water is the liquid of life, so it only makes sense that it would have a multitude of benefits for the most important organ in […]

Our Favorite Lakes in the Southeast

lakes in southeast

There’s nothing like a lake to bring family and friends together for a day full of laughs, swimming, and soaking up the sun. Fortunately for our friends in the Southeast, there are plenty of fantastic spots to choose from! Whether you’re looking to take a dip in Georgia or ready to swim in the Carolinas, there is always a good option nearby. Lake Douglas Lake Douglas is actually a reservoir that was built in the 1940s and sits in one of Tennessee’s most popular areas to visit. Conveniently located near both Gatlinburg and the Great Smoky Mountain National Park, this lake provides all of the highlights of a lake experience with plenty of other adventures close by. Lake Lanier Islands […]

Why Does My Water Have an Expiration Date?

water bottle expiration date

Water has a multitude of astounding traits that set it apart from other items that we eat and drink. One of these is the rare ability to last a long time without losing its integrity. Endless rotations of the water cycle can be made through dirt, sky, and all sorts of other avenues, and at the end of the day, that water can still be drinkable if boiled or properly filtered. But if water can make it through all the elements and still be fine, why do our water bottles have expiration dates? We explore the reasoning below. History In 1987, New Jersey passed a state law declaring that all food products sold in the state were to have an […]

Staying Hydrated in Winter Weather

winter hydration

As the weather cools down and we add more layers of clothes to our daily routine, staying hydrated becomes less of a concern to many. But should that be the case? Although we may not feel like we’re becoming dehydrated due to the cold temperatures surrounding us, the threat of overheating is still very real. In fact, being active in cold weather can be even more dangerous due to the drier air conditions which make the lungs work harder to heat the body. But even when we know the importance of staying hydrated, it can be difficult to do so while staying warm in the process. Let’s discuss three easy ways to stay hydrated and warm at the same time. […]

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