Blasting Off with Water Bottle Rockets!

water bottle rocket

Water bottle rockets are one of the most fun ways of learning about science. With one simple project, we can teach our children important concepts like acceleration, gravity, inertia, and even Newton’s law of motion. While it’s fun to pretend like education is the best part, few things beat sending your very own rocket ship into the sky! It’s impossible to have a blast without knowing the proper way of making a rocket, but don’t worry – we have the instructions below!

Making Your Bottle Rocket

The first step of creating your at-home rocket is ingredients. Luckily for students around the country, everything needed is very easy to find. All you need is a water bottle, some cardboard, a hot glue gun, a pen, a bicycle pump, and some tape! The size of the bottle doesn’t matter – anything from your typical water bottle up to a gallon is perfectly fine. Now it’s time to begin the rocket making process!

First, take the cap off your bottle and place it to the side. Next, you’ll want to take apart your pen before cutting it in half. Be careful cutting the pen; safety always comes first! You’ll then cut out a pen-sized hole from the center of the bottle cap before inserting the pen into the hole. Create anywhere from 3-6 “fins,” or triangle-shaped wings, with the cardboard. After creating the wings, it’s time to attach them to the bottle. This can be done with either strong tape or the glue gun. The bottom of the fins should face the opening of the water bottle, and it’s important that they are spread evenly for a smooth takeoff experience.

You’ve officially got your rocket made, but there are still a few steps needed for flight. First, fill ⅓ of the bottle with water.You’ll then attach a bike pump to the pen that is centered in the bottle cap. Find a place to shoot your rocket, and get ready for the magic. The cap end with the bike pump inserted will be on the ground. Once you’ve got a balanced rocket, begin pumping! The air mixing with the water will create a reaction, and boom! You’ve created a scientific wonder!

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