What Are the Best Times to Drink Water?

drinking water

Drinking water is really, really important. You will die without it, but even without going to that extreme, not drinking enough water will cause headaches, stress, fatigue, dizziness, fogginess, and other nasty side-effects of dehydration.

It’s not just about how much you drink, but when you drink water. You can turbocharge your body’s hydration by drinking water at the right time.

Drink Water First Thing in the Morning

When you get up, get into the habit of drinking water.

Why? It’s like driving your car in the cold. When the car has been sitting outside in cold weather all night, and you put it in gear and get on the road before the engine warms up, you are putting your engine through a huge amount of stress.

Not drinking water in the morning does the same thing. You are putting your body under stress because it does not have the hydration to get the morning kicked off the right way. And if you skip breakfast, like many do, then you are getting even further behind the 8-ball.

Drink a glass after you get up, and preferably another with breakfast. It will make mornings easier, we promise.

Drink Water Before Each Meal

There are a few good reasons to drink a glass of water right before a meal.

For starters, you’ll eat less. We all need to watch our portion sizes, but those trying to lose weight really need to watch what they eat. Water in your belly makes you feel more full, so you will eat less food and consume fewer calories.

Water also clears out bad tastes and makes your food taste better. It moistens the mouth and gives your taste buds a wake-up call.

Drink Water When You Feel Hunger Pangs

Hungry? You do not have to wolf down a snack. You can drink water instead.

A lot of times when you are hungry, your body is really just thirsty. You can drink water when you feel those pangs and see if they go away. They probably will; either they happened because you were dehydrated, or the water made you feel full and told your body that it’s okay.

Drink Water Before – and After – You Exercise

If you have not had any water all day before you do a heavy round of exercise, you are probably in for a rough time. Don’t wait until just before working out to drink water, but in addition to drinking water throughout the day, down a glass before and during your workout.

One big reason to drink water before and during a workout: dehydration can actually make you weaker and perform worse than you normally would with a hydrated body.

There are safety reasons for this, too. The more water you have in you, the less vulnerable you are to heat stroke in warm weather.

Drink water after your workout, as well, since it helps replace the fluids you lost during exercise. You will feel better, too – just don’t drink too much; it can cramp your stomach.

It is beneficial to drink water all throughout the day, but make sure you enjoy a refreshing glass of water at these times at a minimum. Your body will thank you.

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