The Best Birmingham-Area Waterfalls You Have to Visit

birmingham waterfall

We’re big fans of water here at Water Way, and waterfalls have a lot of it in them, so naturally we’re big fans of waterfalls, too.

But you don’t have to travel to Niagara or Africa to view beautiful waterfalls. There are actually quite a few within driving distance of Birmingham, believe it or not, and they’re all spectacular in their own right and make for great hiking expeditions.

Here are some of our favorite Birmingham-area waterfalls that need to be on your must-see list.

Little River Falls

Located in Gaylesville, about a two-hour drive from Birmingham, are the Little River Falls. You’ll find these falls atop Lookout Mountain near Fort Payne at the beginning of Little River Canyon.

One great thing about Little River Falls is that they’re extremely accessible, making them perfect for a day trip with the family. (There are plenty of picnic locations near the falls, too.) There’s even a nearby swimming hole.

Noccalula Falls

Noccalula Falls is a 90-foot waterfall that has a unique feature: you can follow a hiking trail that actually takes you behind the waterfall into a cave, where you can get a great view of the water and do a little spelunking. The caves are known for having carvings made in the 1860’s by Civil War soldiers.

The waterfall is located in Gadsden along with a pioneer village, covered bridge, and park.

Upper Caney Creek Falls

These falls aren’t as accessible – it takes a three-mile hike to see them – but they are just as beautiful as other waterfalls on this list. Located in Double Springs, outside the Sipsey Wilderness, are the Upper Caney Creek Falls, which come complete with a swimming hole at the bottom. The lush setting around the falls is worth a trip, too.

Dismals Canyon Falls

No list of Alabama waterfalls is complete without mentioning the ones at Dismals Canyon, located an hour and 45 minutes away from Birmingham. Dismals Canyon actually has two waterfalls: Rainbow Falls and Secret Falls. You can see both by following a 1.5-mile trail, but if you’re going in the fall, consider bringing a jacket: the temperature inside the canyon can be as much as 14 degrees cooler than outside!

Dismals Canyon itself is very beautiful, and if you’re there to see the waterfalls, you’ll see a lot more of nature’s beauty during your trip.

Now that you know about these waterfalls, it’s up to you to see them for yourself!

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