5 Water Bottles that Make You Want to Drink Water

water bottle

You want to drink more water – you know you should drink more water – but you just aren’t pumped about it! How can you shift your mindset so that you’re actually looking forward to your next sip? It may sound strange, but maybe the problem isn’t you or your water – maybe it’s your water bottle!

Check out these five water bottles that are sure to motivate you to stay hydrated.

#1: Fruit Infuser Glass Water Bottle

According to their website, this water bottle is “the solution to drinking more flavorful and nutritional water.” You know we’re on board with that – and we love the idea of infusing water with natural, nutritious flavors!

#2: “Nama Stay Out Late” Water Bottle

This one’s perfect for two kinds of people: The yogi who doesn’t take themselves too seriously and anyone who enjoys a good pun. The rich, pink color and the screw cap lid are total selling points, too!

#3: All Mine! Personalized Water Bottle

With two color schemes to choose from, your name, and one line of personalization, you’ll never have to wonder if someone will pick up your water bottle by accident! We love the bright colors and the easy-to-carry top.

#4: Kate Spade Glass Water Bottle

If you’re looking for a fancy feeling every time you reach for your water, this water bottle is sure to come through! With a delicate pink color and “Just Add Water” in careful italics along the bottom, this option is built to satisfy anyone who refuses to sacrifice style for hydration.

#5: Contigo Autospout Addison Water Bottle

If you’d rather have a simple, cost-effective option with no frills, the Contigo Autospout may be a great option for you! Available in a wide variety of colors, the Contigo makes drinking water fun and easy.

Water Way Makes It Easy to Fill That Water Bottle!

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