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5 Great Reasons to Get an Office Water Cooler

office water cooler

Everyone needs water. When you’re working hard in the office, you definitely need water (if not something stronger).

But, believe it or not, there are still plenty of workplaces that don’t have their own office water coolers. As a water delivery service, we can’t believe this, which is why we want to share with the working world just how many benefits you can gain from having fresh, pure drinking water where you work.

Here are 5 compelling reasons you should get a water cooler for your office and give employees access to great-tasting H2O.

Spring Water Is Pure and Refreshing

We deliver spring water – not purified water, which isn’t all-natural and is barely more than tap water in most cases – to offices and homes throughout the area who all want pure, refreshing hydration.

We carefully select our sources to deliver the best-tasting water without additives or contaminants. So, when you get a water cooler, you can have our water delivered straight to your door.

(We’ll even put the water next to the cooler, or wherever you want.)

Water Coolers Protect the Environment

Businesses these days all want to go green and be eco-friendly. But bringing case after case of individually bottled water from the grocery store into the office doesn’t protect the environment; it just creates more waste.

You can drink great water with a fraction of the packaging by using our big bottles. All you have to do is load one onto your office water cooler and presto – you’re reducing waste and protecting the environment.

There Are a Variety of Sizes

You don’t have to buy a big, free-standing water cooler if you don’t want to; there are plenty of options for you. And the modern water coolers aren’t as bulky and space-wasting as previous editions that you’ve probably seen on TV.

So, when you buy a water cooler for the office, you can pick one that best meets your needs.

Hydration Boosts Productivity

When people aren’t drinking enough water, they get tired. When they get tired, their focus slips and their productivity drops.

You can actually boost productivity by ensuring your workers are hydrated. The best way to get people to drink more water is to have it readily available – which is where your office water cooler comes in.

If you bring it, they’ll drink it – and they’ll perform better, too.

Water Coolers Save Money

You have to get fresh, crisp, pure drinking water from somewhere. Unfortunately, that means spending a lot of money by going to the store and buying cases of individual water bottles (and we all know how expensive those can be). The larger the office, the more you’ll pay.

Water coolers cut down on the cost, because a water delivery service is a much more affordable way to hydrate an office.

We hope we’ve convinced you to get an office water cooler. If so, contact us to get started with your water delivery service so you can start realizing the benefits of great-tasting and hydrating H2O whenever you need it.