5 Gallon Vs. Cases of Water: Which is Better?

cases of water

Did you know that Water Way serves water in a bunch of different ways? Maybe you’re familiar with our 5 gallon jugs that go with your office’s water cooler, but you didn’t know we also sell those familiar cases of individual bottles you can find at the grocery store. Or maybe it’s the opposite, and you didn’t know we deliver water cooler jugs! 

The gist of it is—there are pros and cons to both our 5 gallon jugs and our cases of water. It all comes down to what you need!

5 Gallon Jugs for Your Water Cooler

If you go through a lot of water, this might be the option for you. In an office full of people, this can easily keep everyone hydrated! This option works perfectly with all of our water coolers, which you can rent from us as well. You can put them in your office, in your waiting room, or anywhere you want to offer employees or customers the chance to hydrate and mingle. 

Another great benefit to our 5 gallon jugs? They’re more environmentally friendly compared to individual plastic water bottles! So, if you find that you’re going through tons of individual water bottles each day, consider switching to a 5 gallon jug with a water cooler. It means less plastic and more convenient hydration for your staff or customers. 

Cases of Water Bottles

When it comes to cases of individual water bottles, you have a lot of options! We offer cases of 24 bottles in the following sizes:

  • 10 oz.;
  • 16.9 oz.;
  • And 20 oz. 

These are incredibly convenient if the people you’re keeping hydrated are always on the go. They’re also great for times when you might want to keep mingling to a minimum—like during a pandemic! Construction sites, schools, volunteer events—you name it; it works for it. You can have all the water you and your staff (or students) need, delivered right to your door. 

Stock Up On Water

At Water Way, we offer plenty of flexibility—so you can get the water (or coffee!) you need in the most convenient way. That’s why a lot of our clients take a hybrid approach to ordering with us, ordering both the 5 gallon jugs of water for their water coolers and the cases of water bottles. Whatever you need, we can deliver. Get in touch with us to start ordering today.