4 Tips for Ordering Drinking Water Online

Spring water delivery service

You may have heard that drinking water straight from the faucet can be dangerous, and you heard correctly — your tap water could be filled with a multitude of unhealthy contaminants!

So, how do you ensure your safety? Find drinking water beyond the tap. Have you tried looking online? As a water delivery service in Alabama, we have put together some tips to help you find a drinking water company you can trust.

(Find out what’s really in your tap water!)

The Source

When choosing a water delivery service, always consider the source. Most bottled water companies are selling purified water, but where did it come from? The answer — straight from the tap. Seems a little twisted, right? You can filter your own tap water from the comfort of your home. Don’t pay a company to do it for you!

Instead, try spring water! Spring water is filtered naturally, and in that process, contaminants are removed, but the good stuff remains (like nature’s healthy minerals). Your body will rejoice!

(Learn more about spring water versus purified water!)

Water Coolers

If you are just ‘testing the waters’ with an online delivery service, find a company that will let you rent a water cooler with no long term contract. Water coolers can be pricey, so having the option to rent is a great solution (especially if you aren’t sure how long you want to receive delivery drinking water).  


Because water is such a necessity, pick a reliable water delivery service in Alabama. How awful would it be to run out of cold, fresh drinking water right in the middle of a grueling Alabama summer? Ask for referrals, or check the company’s website for testimonials!

Environmentally Friendly

Plastic is one of the leading causes of pollution in the United States. Every year, we throw away enough plastic to circle the world 4 times (and plastic takes anywhere from 500-1,000 years to degrade). That’s just unacceptable!

Keep Mother Nature happy. Pick a service that recycles!

Your Local Water Delivery Service in Alabama

Water Way would love to be your local water delivery service in Alabama. We promise to deliver fresh spring water on time, every time. Contact us today to learn more!