3 Ways a Water Cooler Can Improve Your Office Culture

improve office culture

It’s one of the biggest office clichés around – all the employees gathered around the water cooler, talking about last night’s game or the new movie that came out over the weekend. “Water cooler talk” has become a common phrase for those times during the workday when everyone is taking a little break to chat, relax – and drink water.

If you’re thinking you don’t want your employees standing around talking, we get it. But the thing is, taking a few minutes throughout the day to rest from work – not to mention rehydrate – can do a lot to improve your office culture, and therefore, make your employees more efficient.

Improve Office Culture with Socializing

Let’s face it: isolation isn’t anybody’s friend. (Literally.) When your employees feel like they’re working with a bunch of strangers, morale will plummet – as will their motivation to work.

On the other hand, when they feel a strong sense of camaraderie among their coworkers, and they feel like they’re all in this together and everybody is truly invested in everyone else, morale skyrockets. Suddenly, going to work isn’t just the daily grind; it’s going to play a specific part for the team, help their friends succeed, and do the best they can for their boss (who, hopefully, they also feel connected to).

The break room is a natural place for these connections to develop, and if you’ve got a water cooler sitting there just waiting to refill everyone’s water bottles, your coworkers are likely to be hitting the break room a few more times every day.

Improve Office Culture by Showing Appreciation

When you take the initiative to invest in your employees’ health, wellbeing, and happiness, they will notice – and they’ll feel valued.

When employees feel seen, understood, and valued, they’re more likely to work efficiently and stick around longer, which means a better bottom line for your business. A water cooler might seem like a small thing to you, but by presenting your employees with a clean, cool water cooler instead of that nasty water fountain by the bathroom, you’re telling them they’re worth it – and you’ll see a major return on that investment!

Improve Office Culture with Good Hydration!

It’s no secret that staying hydrated helps your body in multiple ways, including keeping your mind sharp. You don’t want your employees feeling tired, confused, or just generally slow, do you? Of course not!

Keep them on their toes, feeling good, and ready to work by keeping them hydrated. The easier you make it for them to drink water throughout the day, the easier it will be for them to work hard and help your business thrive.

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