3 Secrets for Avoiding This Season’s Illnesses

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As the season changes, many of us seem to get sick in the blink of an eye. How can you avoid this season’s illness? Check out these tips from the Water Way of Alabama.

Get Enough Sleep

Life can be hectic, busy, and stressful. However, it is important that you don’t miss out on sleep because of that! In fact, it is even more important to get rest. Sleep deprivation can be detrimental. A lack of sleep can take a serious toll on your immune system and cause fatigue, loss of focus, and even headaches. Experts recommend at least eight hours of sleep for average adults and up to 13 for children. Though it might seem hard to get in enough hours each night, it is vital to your health. If it’s easier to take naps during the day, try that! And use the weekends to catch up and relax.

Remain Stress-Free

Everyone experiences stress differently. Some experience stress due to work, while others experience emotional stress. Even patient people who remain calm, cool, and collected can have a difficult time relaxing and winding down. Here are some ways to reduce stress:

  1. Organize your schedule so that you are not overwhelmed.
  2. Fit a little physical exercise into your day.
  3. Make sure that you are getting enough sleep.
  4. Allow yourself time to let your creativity flow.
  5. Do things that make you happy, like spending time with family and friends.
  6. Eat well!

Eat & Drink Right

When it comes to your body’s immune system, what you eat and drink is very important. Many nutritionists recommend a colorful diet. What does this mean? Variety! Fruits and vegetables are a great way to get your daily dose of vitamins. Fruit juices, however, should not replace water in your diet. Fruit juices and sodas contain sugars and sweeteners that your body does not need. In fact, too much sugar can also cause your body to feel lethargic, and therefore be detrimental to your immune system.

Stay away from this season’s illnesses by staying hydrated! Fresh spring water from a local water delivery company is one of the easiest (and cheapest) ways to boost your immune system! Water purifies your body of toxins while lubricating your organs and helping your body remain strong against sickness. Drinking water is also a way to control your appetite. Overeating can lead to lethargy and tiredness, so getting your 8-10 glasses of water a day is important!

Water can also help increase your productivity, which can keep you from getting as stressed and therefore lower your chances of catching this season’s illnesses! The benefits of natural spring water are endless.

Invest in Spring Water Delivery

At the Water Way of Alabama, we believe the best water to drink is refreshing spring water. Invest in crisp, delicious water of your own with a home water cooler and water delivery service with Water Way. Learn more. Contact us today!