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3 Reasons Your Employees Need a Water Cooler

water cooler

Does your office have a water cooler?

If it doesn’t, it needs one – for the benefit of your employees. “But how can a water cooler help our employees beyond giving them water?”

Well, water is important, as we’ll explain, but there are other reasons that a water cooler is a big boost to the workplace.

Water Actually Boosts Productivity

Every boss wants his or her workers to be more productive. They go to great lengths to boost productivity, from lectures to training classes, advice from consultants, and incentives. They even spend thousands of dollars on special office furniture.

There’s a simpler way to make your employees more productive: give them plenty of water.

Scientists have found links between dehydration – not having enough water – and lower productivity. The more your workers’ bodies need water, the more sluggish, fatigued, and unfocused they’ll be.

But give them a water cooler and watch your hydration levels go up. It’s almost like magic.

Access to Water Can Reduce Sick Days

Did you know that a significant chunk of illnesses that affect workers and cause them to miss work are related to water?

Water is closely related to gastrointestinal health issues that frequently make employees take sick days. Your business’s productivity goes down when your employees take off when they’re sick for two reasons: first, it places more of a workload on your other workers, especially since sick days are usually unplanned. Second, your employees will be more stressed when they come back to work because of the work they’ve missed that has piled up.

Want fewer sick days? Give your employees lots of clean, fresh water to drink.

Water Coolers Boost Morale

We’ve all heard of water cooler talk. It’s a meme at this point in the office world. But, the morale effects of water cooler talk are real. It offers a place for your workers to congregate around, which means they get to associate with each other. The result? Higher morale – happier workers are better workers.

This also gives you the opportunity to spend more time talking with your employees, which helps you better manage them.

Water coolers are awesome for the workplace. There are too many benefits of having one for your office to be missing its very own cooler full of refreshing spring water. Contact us if you want to correct that mistake and have water delivered to your office on a regular basis. If you’re a first-time customer, you can also benefit from a special discount!