3 Great Apps That Encourage You To Drink Water

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Water is essential to our lives. From aiding digestion to helping prevent a stroke or heart attack, water does more than just quench our thirst. It’s no wonder that every day, millions of people dedicate themselves to drinking more water. It may sound like an easy task, but it’s not always as simple as it seems!

You are used to living your life without the extra water. Your brain is not used to reminding you to drink up. How can you stick to your new water resolution?

Fortunately, Water Way has scoped out the app store and found the best water-drinking apps around. Check them out!

#1: Waterlogged

This free top-rated water app is extremely user-friendly. Its built-in water options are based on the sizes of everyday drinking vessels (such as a coffee mug, a water bottle, or a sports bottle). Simply press the symbol after you have had a drink, and the app will log it for you. Not drinking out of a typical sized container? No problem — enter your ounces manually! This app also allows you to easily set up drinking alerts so you won’t get behind on your goals.

#2: Eight Glasses A Day

Paying $0.99 for an app might seem silly when there are a million free ones on the market, but Eight Glasses a Day is just so well designed! This app encourages you to drink water with a game. If you drink your 8 ounces of water for the day, it will give you an interesting water-based fact. To keep track of your water intake, you pour out one of 8 glasses each time you finish your cup. When you wake up the next day, all of the glasses will be refilled!

#3: Plant Nanny

Are you trying to encourage your kids to drink more water? This app, complete with its charming, pet-like plants, is the one for you! In order to keep the plant alive, your child must drink a certain amount of water each day. If they don’t drink the water (or log the water they have consumed), the plant will slowly wither. Kids love the challenge, and parents love the responsibility it teaches!

Now you’ve got 3 perfect apps to help you (or your children) drink more water! But before you get to drinking, try ordering a home water delivery service.

Why A Home Water Delivering Service?

Just like the apps above, a home water delivery service can help you reach your water-drinking goals. Interested? Water Way is the water delivery service you can count on!