10 Ways Drinking Water Improves Your Health

drinking water

Water is good. Whether hot or cold, water is—simply put—good. If you need a reason why, here are ten.

#1: Hydrates Your Body

Your body depends on hydrating doses of water every day to function in every way. Everything from thinking to breathing benefits from hydration, with research pointing to cool water being the best to consume. 

#2: Calms You Down

If you tend to feel anxious often, try sipping on hot water or caffeine-free tea. This can help improve functions of the central nervous system for a calmer, more positive outlook.

#3: Regulates Blood Flow

When your body is low on fluids, your heart is forced to work harder to move blood through your veins and arteries. Adding more water to your daily routine lowers your risk for cardiovascular disease and high blood pressure.

#4: Improves Achalasia

Achalasia is a condition where a poorly functioning esophagus has difficulty moving food to the stomach. Drinking warm water has been shown to help people with this condition process foods for digestion. 

#5: Detoxifies Body

It never hurts to protect your kidneys by staying hydrated. Drinking water dilutes waste materials in the blood, which makes it easier on your kidneys when flushing out your body. 

#6: Assists With Digestion

If you want to keep things moving along in your body, drinking water is the way to do it. Water is perfect for digestion, helping the body eliminate wastes in a consistent manner. If you’re prone to digestive issues, adding hot water to your day is a smart move.

#7: Keeps Bowels Moving

Spinning off No. 6, constipation can be a real bummer in your day. Make a habit of drinking water several times a day to help prevent constipation from happening. And if your system needs a kickstart, drinking hot water may do the trick.

#8: Elevates Brain Function

If you’ve ever gone without water for a long period of time, you may have noticed how it’s harder to concentrate. The brain depends on hydration to stay fully fit and functioning at maximum speed for work, school, and decision-making.

#9: Fights Inflammation

The Arthritis Foundation has noted that drinking water is a key factor in fighting inflammation throughout your body. Joints become more lubricated for easier, less painful movements, and gout becomes obsolete.

#10: Opens Nasal Passageways

Your sinuses are filled with mucous membranes. These pathways can become clogged and result in difficult breathing as well as sinus headaches. Upping your water intake—especially hot water—can help open clogged sinuses while naturally healing your headache. 

Improve your Health With Water Way

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